Saturday, May 9, 2015

Today's the day for a new patch, wewhoo.

Since the bug fixes and such amount to too many to put into the in-game patchnotes, I'm pasting the full list here.

-Fix for farmers watching fruit trees.
-Coconuts as payment in farming now use the uncracked version.
-Nightshade no longer permanently poisons when not using gloves to harvest.
-Heraldic bucket helms hide hair now.
-Typo involving the correct Demon Slayer chant is fixed.
-A player getting "locked out" of the server *should* be fixed.
-Tomato baskets working.
-Hops growing bug fixed.
-Can fill sacks with hay
-Falador / Draynor stile to farming patch working.
-Fixed some tool leprechaun deposits. (Toadflax mainly)
-Rune javelin alch amounts corrected.
-Polished buttons duplicated when rubbed too vigorously is fixed.
-Can boost agility to gain entrance to the wilderness course.
-Black Dragons now have access to the rare drop table.
-60 Zamorak wines drop instead of 20 from the KQ.
-Regular weapon poison can be emptied now.
-Rogues in the wilderness now drop bones.
-Red Spider's Eggs respawn timer increased to realscape value (42 seconds down from 60).
-Dying capes messages / functionality fixed. (Can now dye primary color capes into secondary)
-Cannon will no longer waste a shot too early on a respawning npc.
-Slayer tasks ending one kill past the assigned amount bug is fixed.
-Weapon interface no longer bugs out when swapping a greegree.
-Animated armor from Druidic Ritual awarding Warriors Guild tokens fixed. (Lel)
-Undead cows and rock lobster animations fixed.


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