Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hello memes,

We're about to do a hotfix in-game which fixes a few things which didn't need immediate attention from the last update (we'd already done some 2-3 restarts after the patch anyways). In the patchnotes you'll see something like Mage Arena overhaul / re-code.... Basically I worked on an entirely new framework for miniquests that works very similar to our quest framework (Abyss miniquest soon). Mage Arena needed a touchup, and is now much more proper to our recent standards of quests and content.  Besides that the only other things we did were fix shit from the recent quests, like getting feathers from chompies, disallowing other players to attack or pluck your chompies, etc. Oh and Ironman accounts now always drain run energy, hehahaeha.

Soon to come:
-Creature of Fenkenstrain is nearing completion.
-Abyss overhaul / re-code / miniquest.

A little farther out from that will probably be another quest by yours truly, gotta keep chugging away towards RFD. One more quest will put us at the quest point req for Legends, and then I'll be doing that. After Legends it'll most likely be Tourist Trap or Digsite -> the one I didn't just do out of those 2 -> Desert Treasure and the ghostly robes miniquest afterwards.


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