Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 1st, 2016 full patchnotes

Full list of fixes from this update:

-Farmers now accept noted payments
-Muddy chest now implemented
-Retribution / Redemption prayer bugs fixed
-Mole no longer retreats to the same burrow spot
-Seaweed nets now have a refresh timer
-Anti++ properly requires coconut milk
-Nightshade can be picked with gauntlets
-Ship to Waterbirth second-click option fixed
-Ladder at the end of Waterbirth dungeon working
-Bones to Peaches tablet fixed
-'Inspecting' crops now shows treatment status
-'Taking' from tomato compost bin fixed
-Fillables now properly usable on each other
-Ogre arrow flighting bug fixed
-Brimhaven moss giant ropeswing fixed
-Nature Amulet now has a 'check' right click option
-Can properly enchant less than 10 bolts
-Music and sound fx fixes / changes
-Run energy properly restores if leader is walking
-Random events no longer disable / drain prayer
-Rune / Adamant (g)/(t) skirts added to TT
-Dark cavalier added to TT
-Spam clicking continue no longer closes dialogue
-Loop button on the music interface now working
-Added pie tasks to the Cooking guild