Monday, October 19, 2015

I'd just like to interject for a moment

Vscape has always been moving towards one thing, being a recreation of 2006 runescape (the line blurs with dates/patches/revisions but bear with me).  Our server is among the most accurate, unlimited energy and xp rate aside, and that's how it's going to stay.  If a change is made it's going to be to fix something broken or missing, and that's exactly what the runecrafting nerf was.

Sometimes changes take a while and happen randomly, I'm going through some health issues, Pickles has his classes, Bobster, Latent and Saxi all have varying amounts of time to work on vscape as well.  We have a list of about 1000 things that need fixed, some are easier or more interesting than others.  We don't have timelines, assignments or quotas.  If something gets done it's because a staff memeber decided to do it and had the time.

The staff is all pretty united in the direction this server is headed and that's one of the things we really have going for us.  We have a pretty good history of integrity, decent uptime and a lot of content.  Nothing has broken our economy or caused a server wipe (the speculative hammer market is really heating up though).

If vscape is ever shut down, myself and other staff have talked about us releasing the code to our server, and that may or may not happen.  Release it, and change the xp to 1x and turn energy back on, and it is now 2006 runescape "preserved" for the future.  Intrest in runescape will fade, but like the people that work on mame, dosbox, WoW private servers, SWG private servers or any other project of that nature, at the end of the day we'll have saved something from disappearing.

In the mean time, we're running a pretty damn good server for as long you play it.  I'd like to keep trying to make it perfect.