Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Well it looks like we've found a stable host for the server, which is a large relief for everyone.  It's really hard to pick a company and have any idea if it will be crap before just giving it a shot.  For this reason, the server we tried and the first month of the current one have come out of my pocket.  As it stands we are funded for 6 months after that!
Mostly I just wanted to make a post to link our new site that serves up a real highscores system (not the crappy ingame one I made).

There was also a patch last night

=January 28th=
-Nature Spirit quest added
-New server and higher stability (TYB ODEL)
-Hiscores reformat to show total exp.
-Enfeeble rune cost fixed.

Keep grindan


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hey everyone!

In light of getting DDOS'd by some butthurt banned anally anguished aspies, we've decided to move to a rented server (VPS).  The month is already paid for and it seems to be running very well.  We should be far more stable and ready for growth (as if that will happen).  While I can pay for this, some people have expressed an interest in contributing to the server rental, so there is a paypal link to do so.

I will be open about how much is donated and how many months are paid for.

Small contributions are fine, the server is honestly pretty cheap.
(you will remain anonymous and will not gain anything by donating (Ever.))

Also, we are pushing a patch right now!

=January 20th=
-Monkey Madness
-Yanille Dungeon fully functioning.
-Various drop / alch value fixes.
-Grimy herbs can be noted at leprechauns.
-Questionable farming patch "watch" system.
-Ectofuntus grinder fixed.
-Elf shortcuts work except spike traps.
-Major pathfinding fix for "stuck" spots.
-Lundail rune shop in Mage Bank.