Friday, September 18, 2015

An Update

Hello memes,

Here we are with another update with the banner items being One Small Favour and Tutorial Island. Along with these comes numerous bug fixes and other content fixes, here's a full list including some small things omitted from pnotes:

-Temple of Ikov complete-ability bugs fixed
-Temple of Ikov witch not teleporting after certain stage fixed
-Mage of Zamorak's id changed so usage of the 'teleport' option is enabled
-Eat text on Cabbage fixed
-Can now decant potions properly into empty vials
-Can now equip boner club (Fuck off Hammi)
-Some messages related to clue scrolls now display in filtered
-Ring of Recoil properly gives PC damage points
-Fixed a bug that prevented thieving stalls when the guard had died nearby
-Gnome Stronghold front doors properly fixed
-Banana trees now update appearance and run out of nanners
-Fixed open drawers not working for certain clues
-Fixed various items not being able to slash webs when they should
-Fixed a small bug with DT that got you stuck on the ice path :^)

After this patch goes live I will be able to turn my full focus to RFD, which is currently in the works, and around 10% done. We have multiple devs working on the subquests while I continue to do cutscenes for it as well as the final fight with the Culinaromancer. I'll finish that shit and pick up a few subquests as well most likely. Bitterness is working on Shadow of the Storm while we work on RFD, with release of that planned for a week or two before RFD.

Questions I was asked to address

-"How come we don't have x content? X quest WHEN?"
To make it simple, there are 3 main components of the game: the client, the client's cache and the server. The client reads the data from the cache which makes up npcs, items, objects, interfaces and displays these and the rest of the game. The server dictates all content and tells the client how to interact with scripted content added to the game. The client responds to this and makes sure the server knows what each player is doing. Now, the cache extremely limits what you can add to the game. In terms of revisions of Runescape, we are loading 474 items, npcs, animations and graphics. We are loading 377 objects, interfaces and map. 474 equates to the Halloween update of 2007 while 377 was released on May 2nd 2006 for Swan Song. This means we are limited to the lowest denominator date, 05/02/06. Content that exists past that at this point can not, and will not, be added until the team sits down and entirely overhauls the game to update to a newer revision.
-"B-but there's content past that date added already!"
Yes, you're entirely right. There is. That's because it is either entirely item / npc / animation / gfx reliant and doesn't require usage of any objects / interfaces / map. The large exception to this would be the Warriors Guild which I squeezed into the Fight Arena a year ago. While it is possible to make custom changes further to the game to add more future content from the parts of the cache that come from 2007, as stated above we will not be doing any more of that on this version of the game.
-"Hunter and Construction WHEN"
 As stated above, we have the exact same issue with both of these skills. Construction was released on 05/31/06, after a big game engine update on the 16th of May. It is thought that this update started the 400 series of revisions and heavily altered the way interfaces are stored in the cache. Hunter was released later on 11/21/06 somewhere around a 430 revision. Both of these skills are out of range for us to add at the moment. Just because we have the items and npcs for them does not mean we will be adding them in a 'custom' way to the server. This leads to the next question:
-"Custom content? Are we going to see any of it?"
Plain and simple, no. We are striving to recreate the game as it originally existed and to be as accurate and as stable as possible. Custom content has 2 major issues: it uses pre-existing resources and ruins the proper usage of those resources and it just looks bad. However, you will see custom content in terms of events. We have had, I think, 3 events that have been written entirely from our own material using Runescape's existing resources. We have the ability to create and add items to the game for special events for people to enjoy. Such things will only be added on special occasions and the majority of events will distribute original Runescape event items.
-"Revision update? You're thinking of adding GE? REEEEEEEEEEEEE"
When the time comes (which is still a long ways away), the maximum revision we will update the game to will be 474. As said above, this is Halloween of 2007 and pre-dates the GE. The GE will never be added.

Thanks for reading and much love,