Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Construction (Beta)

Hello memes,

This is a special post because with it comes the release of a giant mene, the Construction skill. It's something I've been working on for just under 7 months with contributions from all of the other devs. It was kept a secret for almost the entirety of development to try and prevent bankrolling of the skill.

However, it's not entirely complete as of yet. It's a massive skill with more data than any other skill in the game (even skills not added like Hunter, etc). Thus we have elected to release it in a 'beta' testing phase.

What does beta mean? I-I'm not a b-beta!
It simply means that while a majority of the skill works, we will be keeping an eye out for bugs to continually fix and improve the skill until it is 100%. No amount of testing on our end can compare to the brute force of hundreds of autists (players). There will be no rollbacks or removal of exp except in the event of a fatal bug or exploit and even then that would be specific to your account.

Majority of the skill? It's not complete? ROOOOOOOOOO
Almost 95% of the non-dungeon component of the skill is working as intended (tm). Every object in the house can be built, but there are still some that do not have a function. Here's a short list of a few things we know of that have not been 'completed' yet:
  • 'Scry' on scrying pool in Portal Room non-functioning
  • Repair stands in house don't work for Barrows
  • Organ can't be played in Chapel
  • Most Game Room games non-functioning
  • Majority of dungeon rooms non-functioning
We've added a category to the Mantis bug-tracker specifically for Construction - you'll need to help us out and report issues with bugs there. We are mostly aware of things that explicitly do not function, so try and report only bugs you run into not any 'Nothing interesting happens.'.

What about muh favorite part of the skill _____??
Odds are if it isn't in the above list then it is working. Test it for yourself and for the love of frogs do NOT message me or any other dev asking about it.

In closing,
We hope the release doesn't go horribly wrong, although we do expect a few shitposts from something that is incredibly simple but got overlooked in the nearly 20k lines of code that makes up this meme skill. Like I said above, we'll be continuing to work on the skill for the following months to get it perfected. It'll be a process, like Farming, but once it's done we'll have a 100% functioning Construction skill which is quite the feat in the RSPS world.