Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hello /v/scapers

We are revving up a patch right now, and it's been a little bit since I've dev/blog posted.

Here is the extended / full list of patchnotes for the upcoming update:

@blu@Giant Mole / Mole lair encounter
-All light sources functioning.
-Super energy makes correct (3) doses now.
-Issues / bugs with some quests fixed.
-Various npcs have correct sounds now.
-Toggle for Ava's accum/attractor item gets.
-Cooking guild pie shop man.
-Ironmen can do Arrav / Heroes by using the item
on the player who needs it.
-Can no longer telegrab on a full inventory.
-Bucket helms hide hair properly again.
-Fight Pits guardian announces a countdown till match start
-::pitsactive will work as ::pcactive does
-Basic npc retreat system that comes with moles
-Food is now properly eaten on 3 tick interval, not 1
-All gnome/canifis/rellekka clothes have proper shop prices
-Obsidian shield has block anim now
-Staves and wand animations "fixed" (tm)
-Ironmen cannot buy non-stock items from general stores
-Pie Recipe Book sold by the pie man works (pie tasks to come)
-Snowballs are "killed" for now
-Pet follow fix, due to backend work on npc teleporting
~~~Quest fixes~~~
-Bridge for HFTD no longer can trap and kill you :^)
-Can also start HFTD again (Whoops)
-Silverlight sewers key re-gain bug fixed
-Multiple quests that would not start, or start over are fixed

Soon to be seen in terms of an update is most likely Creature of Fenkenstrain (it needs final polishing and bug checking) and will be followed closely by Witch's House and Legends Quest. Legends is a royal PITA but it needs to be done and over with, I'll have to put my magic touch on it. Dio is about halfway done with Witch's house as well so that puts us in the QP req range for Legends, they'll probably go in at the same time. Possibly all 3 quests will go in the same update? We'll see, I fear Legends will take longer than I'm hoping it will (I'm currently to the point in the quest where you ongo bongo make 'sun metal' bowl and free the shaman and look at a strange door / break rocks).

After that garbage I'll be on the much awaited Desert Treasure track. Troll Stronghold was also recently started on, so after those puppies it'll be RFD time, wew.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to ::bugreport,

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hello memes,

We're about to do a hotfix in-game which fixes a few things which didn't need immediate attention from the last update (we'd already done some 2-3 restarts after the patch anyways). In the patchnotes you'll see something like Mage Arena overhaul / re-code.... Basically I worked on an entirely new framework for miniquests that works very similar to our quest framework (Abyss miniquest soon). Mage Arena needed a touchup, and is now much more proper to our recent standards of quests and content.  Besides that the only other things we did were fix shit from the recent quests, like getting feathers from chompies, disallowing other players to attack or pluck your chompies, etc. Oh and Ironman accounts now always drain run energy, hehahaeha.

Soon to come:
-Creature of Fenkenstrain is nearing completion.
-Abyss overhaul / re-code / miniquest.

A little farther out from that will probably be another quest by yours truly, gotta keep chugging away towards RFD. One more quest will put us at the quest point req for Legends, and then I'll be doing that. After Legends it'll most likely be Tourist Trap or Digsite -> the one I didn't just do out of those 2 -> Desert Treasure and the ghostly robes miniquest afterwards.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Today's the day for a new patch, wewhoo.

Since the bug fixes and such amount to too many to put into the in-game patchnotes, I'm pasting the full list here.

-Fix for farmers watching fruit trees.
-Coconuts as payment in farming now use the uncracked version.
-Nightshade no longer permanently poisons when not using gloves to harvest.
-Heraldic bucket helms hide hair now.
-Typo involving the correct Demon Slayer chant is fixed.
-A player getting "locked out" of the server *should* be fixed.
-Tomato baskets working.
-Hops growing bug fixed.
-Can fill sacks with hay
-Falador / Draynor stile to farming patch working.
-Fixed some tool leprechaun deposits. (Toadflax mainly)
-Rune javelin alch amounts corrected.
-Polished buttons duplicated when rubbed too vigorously is fixed.
-Can boost agility to gain entrance to the wilderness course.
-Black Dragons now have access to the rare drop table.
-60 Zamorak wines drop instead of 20 from the KQ.
-Regular weapon poison can be emptied now.
-Rogues in the wilderness now drop bones.
-Red Spider's Eggs respawn timer increased to realscape value (42 seconds down from 60).
-Dying capes messages / functionality fixed. (Can now dye primary color capes into secondary)
-Cannon will no longer waste a shot too early on a respawning npc.
-Slayer tasks ending one kill past the assigned amount bug is fixed.
-Weapon interface no longer bugs out when swapping a greegree.
-Animated armor from Druidic Ritual awarding Warriors Guild tokens fixed. (Lel)
-Undead cows and rock lobster animations fixed.


Monday, May 4, 2015

An update on Big Chomper Grandpa Hunting:

Hopefully moving the quest to bug testing tomorrow and perhaps patching as well.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hello fans and friends

I am beginning dev work on Big Chompy Bird Good Will Hunting tonight. Yes, it'll come with the full mini-minigame with getting those meme hats with the feathers in them. It's a pain in the ass quest, but it needs to be done for both RFD and perhaps Zogre Flesh Eaters down the line. It'll populate the area south of Castle Wars a bit more, and add functionality to some of the shit down there. Hopefully I can crank it out in a few hours and be done with it, but I have a feeling it won't be that easy.

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Saturday, May 2, 2015


Just wanted to touch on a few quick things, as I haven't been posting much.  We have a decent amount of donations saved up, enough to be able to run the server for the next year (given our needs don't change and the company we're using lasts a year).  This is pretty neat and it's nice to not have to worry about such things, shout-out to everyone who donated!

You may have noticed our Github has been pretty quiet, but rest assured that development marches onward.  Farming has had a lot of work done to it, and more quests are being worked on.  We're running a private repository now, something we've wanted to do for a while now.  It's pretty easy for someone to exploit using the client code, or even worse, create a client with keylogging capability or other malware (something that has already happened).  We'll be able to know that a player is using a client we can trust now.  Likewise, being able to look at the server code makes it a lot easier to find a way to crash the server/find an exploit.  Sadly, the cost of this is not being able to make code public.

We're preparing to do a patch tomorrow, get hype.