Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hello /v/scapers

We are revving up a patch right now, and it's been a little bit since I've dev/blog posted.

Here is the extended / full list of patchnotes for the upcoming update:

@blu@Giant Mole / Mole lair encounter
-All light sources functioning.
-Super energy makes correct (3) doses now.
-Issues / bugs with some quests fixed.
-Various npcs have correct sounds now.
-Toggle for Ava's accum/attractor item gets.
-Cooking guild pie shop man.
-Ironmen can do Arrav / Heroes by using the item
on the player who needs it.
-Can no longer telegrab on a full inventory.
-Bucket helms hide hair properly again.
-Fight Pits guardian announces a countdown till match start
-::pitsactive will work as ::pcactive does
-Basic npc retreat system that comes with moles
-Food is now properly eaten on 3 tick interval, not 1
-All gnome/canifis/rellekka clothes have proper shop prices
-Obsidian shield has block anim now
-Staves and wand animations "fixed" (tm)
-Ironmen cannot buy non-stock items from general stores
-Pie Recipe Book sold by the pie man works (pie tasks to come)
-Snowballs are "killed" for now
-Pet follow fix, due to backend work on npc teleporting
~~~Quest fixes~~~
-Bridge for HFTD no longer can trap and kill you :^)
-Can also start HFTD again (Whoops)
-Silverlight sewers key re-gain bug fixed
-Multiple quests that would not start, or start over are fixed

Soon to be seen in terms of an update is most likely Creature of Fenkenstrain (it needs final polishing and bug checking) and will be followed closely by Witch's House and Legends Quest. Legends is a royal PITA but it needs to be done and over with, I'll have to put my magic touch on it. Dio is about halfway done with Witch's house as well so that puts us in the QP req range for Legends, they'll probably go in at the same time. Possibly all 3 quests will go in the same update? We'll see, I fear Legends will take longer than I'm hoping it will (I'm currently to the point in the quest where you ongo bongo make 'sun metal' bowl and free the shaman and look at a strange door / break rocks).

After that garbage I'll be on the much awaited Desert Treasure track. Troll Stronghold was also recently started on, so after those puppies it'll be RFD time, wew.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to ::bugreport,

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