Monday, December 7, 2015

Moving forward

Hello memes,

Moving past RFD may come as a shock to some of you, but, the quest seems to be free of any major flaws so we are moving ahead. I will be working on finishing off all the missing random events in the game, some of which were patched in today. Here's a list of all the randoms left that /v/scape is compatible with:

-Mysterious Old Man
-The Maze
-Strange Boxes (Myst. Old Man)
 Cap'n Hand
-The 'Certers': Miles, Giles and Niles
- Evil Bob
-Frogs :^)
-Highwayman / Rick Turpentine
-Prison Pete
-Quiz Master

Many have asked about the harmful skill randoms such as smoking rocks, Ents that break axes, whirlpools, giant fish, etc. I haven't made up my mind as to when I'll get around to these. I'm working on the NPC encounters / major randoms first. They'll likely come later down the road after all of these are implemented (your axes are safe... for now).

Lastly, in regards to today's update and the moderate downtime: we gutted and cleaned out a major portion of our source code. This means removal of non-functioning / useless pieces and snippets of code and files that were relics of how the original base source used to work. Because of this, the directories for many files, including player files, changed. We had to backup all these files and then manually cut and transfer them into the new format. The end result means literally nothing to you as a player, but for us devs means a cleaner work environment and a tighter, compact source. This is always a plus to us and allows for ease of use and is good practice. We apologize for the hour or so we were down for, but this has been put off for far too long. Our up-time is nearly perfect, so don't go bitching about a single hour :~)

In closing, some pics from recent dev work:

thank you mr skeltal
(Why the strange plant doesn't transform)
Gotta go fast
Mfw working with interfaces
And then there's always the hotfixes :^)


Friday, November 20, 2015

Recipe for Disaster

Well, the quest is finally here. I can finally get off the Culinaromancer's wild ride. I'll be taking a large step back from vscape for the rest of my school semester for finals and such, you'll see me be more involved around the holiday time in December. Remember to PLEASE, PLEASE report any bugs you find with the quest and its related subquests to Mantis first, and if you are too stubborn to sign up... then ::bugreport is fine.

Regarding the patch:
-Barrows Gloves: I don't know how many times I've said this, but I guess if something isn't in writing nobody has a clue as to the official word. No, they weren't un-equipped or forced you into RFD. The quest needs to be bug-free and working before I enforce a hard requirement down the road. For now protection on death has been removed and of course, Barrows no longer drops the gloves.
-Dragon Axe: As I was fixing the special system to allow for faster weapon changes / special attack enables I noticed the daxe special was using the 2014 OSRS effects. This has been corrected to it's proper combat attack special from the period with no woodcutting boost.
-Quest Cape: As promised, the Quest Point Cape can now be gotten from the Wise Old Man. Each new quest put in the game directly affects the cape and you will need to do the new quests in order to continue wearing the cape.

A full list of tiny fixes:
-The feathers you receive from offering bird eggs to the Evil Chicken shrine has been nerfed to the same amount you receive upon killing him.
-Rogues now have gold bars instead of eggs to pickpocket.
-Can use a noted bone for DT mirror materials.
-Steel gauntlets work to pick nettles.
-Bug with crates appearing on pineapple plants fixed
-Typos in some quests fixed.
-Nettle tea no longer turns into burnt potatoes when burning it.
-Skill guides had some missing items added and text for 5 knives per metal bar (Thanks Starlight...)
-Ground items that you own disappearing on re-log was fixed.

Where are we going from here?
Well, like I said, I'll be taking a bit of a break to focus on other things. We'll have some more dev work returning in December as school ends. Personally, I think I'll work on all the missing random events before returning to more quests. Some of the quest lines that are on the forefront beyond this are Wanted!, In Aid of the Myreque / Shade / Splitbark stuff, Roving Elves, Swan Song, Fremennik Trials (No Frem Isles yet, sorry), Tai Bwo Wannai Trio (and the minigame). We'll certainly be working much slower on these though.

Enjoy RFD and thanks for your continued support,

Monday, October 19, 2015

I'd just like to interject for a moment

Vscape has always been moving towards one thing, being a recreation of 2006 runescape (the line blurs with dates/patches/revisions but bear with me).  Our server is among the most accurate, unlimited energy and xp rate aside, and that's how it's going to stay.  If a change is made it's going to be to fix something broken or missing, and that's exactly what the runecrafting nerf was.

Sometimes changes take a while and happen randomly, I'm going through some health issues, Pickles has his classes, Bobster, Latent and Saxi all have varying amounts of time to work on vscape as well.  We have a list of about 1000 things that need fixed, some are easier or more interesting than others.  We don't have timelines, assignments or quotas.  If something gets done it's because a staff memeber decided to do it and had the time.

The staff is all pretty united in the direction this server is headed and that's one of the things we really have going for us.  We have a pretty good history of integrity, decent uptime and a lot of content.  Nothing has broken our economy or caused a server wipe (the speculative hammer market is really heating up though).

If vscape is ever shut down, myself and other staff have talked about us releasing the code to our server, and that may or may not happen.  Release it, and change the xp to 1x and turn energy back on, and it is now 2006 runescape "preserved" for the future.  Intrest in runescape will fade, but like the people that work on mame, dosbox, WoW private servers, SWG private servers or any other project of that nature, at the end of the day we'll have saved something from disappearing.

In the mean time, we're running a pretty damn good server for as long you play it.  I'd like to keep trying to make it perfect.

Friday, September 18, 2015

An Update

Hello memes,

Here we are with another update with the banner items being One Small Favour and Tutorial Island. Along with these comes numerous bug fixes and other content fixes, here's a full list including some small things omitted from pnotes:

-Temple of Ikov complete-ability bugs fixed
-Temple of Ikov witch not teleporting after certain stage fixed
-Mage of Zamorak's id changed so usage of the 'teleport' option is enabled
-Eat text on Cabbage fixed
-Can now decant potions properly into empty vials
-Can now equip boner club (Fuck off Hammi)
-Some messages related to clue scrolls now display in filtered
-Ring of Recoil properly gives PC damage points
-Fixed a bug that prevented thieving stalls when the guard had died nearby
-Gnome Stronghold front doors properly fixed
-Banana trees now update appearance and run out of nanners
-Fixed open drawers not working for certain clues
-Fixed various items not being able to slash webs when they should
-Fixed a small bug with DT that got you stuck on the ice path :^)

After this patch goes live I will be able to turn my full focus to RFD, which is currently in the works, and around 10% done. We have multiple devs working on the subquests while I continue to do cutscenes for it as well as the final fight with the Culinaromancer. I'll finish that shit and pick up a few subquests as well most likely. Bitterness is working on Shadow of the Storm while we work on RFD, with release of that planned for a week or two before RFD.

Questions I was asked to address

-"How come we don't have x content? X quest WHEN?"
To make it simple, there are 3 main components of the game: the client, the client's cache and the server. The client reads the data from the cache which makes up npcs, items, objects, interfaces and displays these and the rest of the game. The server dictates all content and tells the client how to interact with scripted content added to the game. The client responds to this and makes sure the server knows what each player is doing. Now, the cache extremely limits what you can add to the game. In terms of revisions of Runescape, we are loading 474 items, npcs, animations and graphics. We are loading 377 objects, interfaces and map. 474 equates to the Halloween update of 2007 while 377 was released on May 2nd 2006 for Swan Song. This means we are limited to the lowest denominator date, 05/02/06. Content that exists past that at this point can not, and will not, be added until the team sits down and entirely overhauls the game to update to a newer revision.
-"B-but there's content past that date added already!"
Yes, you're entirely right. There is. That's because it is either entirely item / npc / animation / gfx reliant and doesn't require usage of any objects / interfaces / map. The large exception to this would be the Warriors Guild which I squeezed into the Fight Arena a year ago. While it is possible to make custom changes further to the game to add more future content from the parts of the cache that come from 2007, as stated above we will not be doing any more of that on this version of the game.
-"Hunter and Construction WHEN"
 As stated above, we have the exact same issue with both of these skills. Construction was released on 05/31/06, after a big game engine update on the 16th of May. It is thought that this update started the 400 series of revisions and heavily altered the way interfaces are stored in the cache. Hunter was released later on 11/21/06 somewhere around a 430 revision. Both of these skills are out of range for us to add at the moment. Just because we have the items and npcs for them does not mean we will be adding them in a 'custom' way to the server. This leads to the next question:
-"Custom content? Are we going to see any of it?"
Plain and simple, no. We are striving to recreate the game as it originally existed and to be as accurate and as stable as possible. Custom content has 2 major issues: it uses pre-existing resources and ruins the proper usage of those resources and it just looks bad. However, you will see custom content in terms of events. We have had, I think, 3 events that have been written entirely from our own material using Runescape's existing resources. We have the ability to create and add items to the game for special events for people to enjoy. Such things will only be added on special occasions and the majority of events will distribute original Runescape event items.
-"Revision update? You're thinking of adding GE? REEEEEEEEEEEEE"
When the time comes (which is still a long ways away), the maximum revision we will update the game to will be 474. As said above, this is Halloween of 2007 and pre-dates the GE. The GE will never be added.

Thanks for reading and much love,

Monday, August 17, 2015

Staff additions!

I've given two players positions on staff, it's clear we need more quality people helping with things.

The first is Saxi who has been given the position of Admin (gold crown).  He has been writing quests for months and is someone I know I can trust.  For those who don't know, I've known Saxi in real life for years now and this will give him the ability to assist people with quests and other content he writes.  While he won't be the definition of active in the player base, he is now an official "part of the staff" and someone I know I can count on.

Then there's Latent who has been made a Mod.  After coding for a while now and being online *all the time*, I believe it will be a good addition to the staff.  Regardless of words that have been exchanged or who got pk'd by who, the staff and I see nothing wrong with this move.

In personal and development news, I have over a month with no real responsibilities until Fall term starts.  I'm gonna try to get an ton of vscape stuff done, my first little pet project is resurrecting the original Jagex map viewer.  Here's an initial version for testing, lemme know if anyone has problems with it running:  I'm aware it is the wrong map and it would seem no one has the correct version of a data file it uses out on the internet. I'm sure it's sitting on a hard drive somewhere in a beige box out there, but I'm working on figuring out how to make one myself.  I've also started work on a update script that will pull code from our repository, compile it and update data files quickly.  This will mean quicker and more frequent updates.  There's some other big things I'd like to do, but there's also a good amount of bugs to work on so we'll see. Again, thanks to you guys for reporting bugs @

Also, that tournament was awesome, it had it's hitches but it was great to see so many people online and participating.  Shout-out to Nijia who kicked tons of ass.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Just weak my shit up

----The Npc Weakness System----

I guess this is long awaited or what have you, although I don't think it really changes the course of things too terribly much. But muh accuracy, so, here we are! The system works pretty much like original Runescape's did, each npc can have 3 weaknesses from each side of the combat triangle. Magic and Melee can be broken down into their sub styles / elements while ranged weakness is just a boolean value (true or false).

So you have:
-MELEE (Rare, used mainly on unique npcs such as Dagannoth Supreme and varies %-wise)
-MAGIC (More common, a global 20% increase in accuracy for this weakness)
-RANGED (More common than melee, but not as much as magic, 15% boost)
-STAB (15%)
-CRUSH (15%)
-SLASH (15%)
-FIRE/WATER/EARTH/AIR (25% accuracy boost for specifics like this)
[Ancient spells do NOT count as elemental spells, per original runescape]

This is pretty much how the original system worked, although finding accurate accuracy percentages (so meta) is nigh impossible unless someone wants to watch some OSRS Q&A videos for hours on end. What can be found is which npc's have which weakness, which is the next section of this post...

I spent a few hours last night scripting some shit to parse through a downloaded copy of the OSRS wiki and pull weaknesses from every NPC I could. Now, the formatting in the source of the wiki is garbage and all over the place from various edits and stuff, so it's very possible the script missed a few NPCs (I noticed fire giants, but those were my test subjects and had weaknesses at that point anyways). So, that's why the update will come with the ::checkweakness / ::checkweak / ::weakness / ::npcweakness command. You use it like ::weakness blue dragon, and get results as such:

While the parsing of the wiki found a huge amount of weaknesses and set them to an equally massive amount of NPCs, like I said, you never know. Have fun with the command, check what you're fighting and use it to your advantage, but also report any npcs that have either an incorrect weakness or no weaknesses at all (If and ONLY IF they should have one). You'll need to cite the OSRS wiki or an archived wiki page from 2006-7 like RuneHQ,, whatever. DO NOT USE ANY MODERN RUNESCAPE WIKI! Weaknesses changed tremendously on the EOC update on realscape and are entirely inaccurate to this time period.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

FoxterGate. 5-11 Never4get etc.

The server is back up. Here's what went down.

Last night I was informed that someone's old account was missing all valuables. I took a look and found all the items were traded to Shiggydiggy on 5-11. Mr Foxter was logged into the account that was looted. Before this, Telescope tried to log in and saw he was banned.

This is around the time Mr Foxter was losing his staff privileges, and Telescope and Mr Foxter were always close. Telescope, presumably in reaction to Mr Foxter being demoted, chose to look through old files he had from running the server way back when. Some of these passwords were still current. They checked out and looted 5 accounts and over 100,000,000 gold worth of wealth.

All persons involved were banned (including accounts items were traded to and stored on) and the affected accounts will be getting their items back.

This was about 4 hours of detective work into the morning.

325 accounts are still using at risk passwords that Telescope still has.  These accounts have been locked and their owners will have to contact staff to unlock them.

If you're getting a banned message please contact staff in game on another account.

!Change your password and pin regularly, PLEASE!

Oh, also we scored a slightly better server package with the same provider.  It's double the ram and a little bit cheaper.  Win-win!

Friday, July 24, 2015

My gear is better than yours pt. 2

Here's more tests following the same method (yes it's in controlled mode)

Player tests:     (The test subject)     (Non-void rune defender)     (Non-void DFS)     (Void rune defender)    (Void DFS)

High level NPC test:   (Non-void rune defender)    (Non-void DFS)    (Void rune defender)    (Void DFS)


Hopefully this settles some of the argument over BiS melee BS (Max melee hit method for anyone who wants to actually crunch max hit numbers) (Non-void rune defender) (Non-void DFS) (Void rune defender) (Void DFS)

Posted here for hyperlink purposes

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Behind the Scenes

Hello again

We recently updated and added 3 more quests to the game:
-Fishing Contest
-Tribal Totem
-Garden of Tranquility
These were interesting and fun quests, although I had no direct part in coding any of them. They were all worked on by various dev members and contributors alike! A good step forward in growing our dev team beyond what it already is. I over-saw polishing and final touches / bug testing on them per usual, taking a break from my Desert Treasure work. I ended up breaking Garden before it went live and we then had to hotfix, and I apologize for that. All in all a fairly smooth update.

Desert Treasure is going swimmingly, with the Smoke and Shadow diamond branches of the quest complete and Blood being ~50%. We are narrowing in on RFD and now can officially say it will be soon (tm). Left to come are the following:
-Shadow of the Storm
-Desert Treasure
-Tourist Trap
-Troll Stronghold

The latter 3 of which will likely come all at one time (Troll Stronghold and Tourist Trap are pre-reqs to DT). I'm considering dropping Tourist Trap from the DT reqs for the time being, and will possibly do so if time becomes an issue. Shadow of the Storm has just had work started on it by Bitter and I can shed a bit of light on it, but not much since it's so early on: Darklight will take Silverlight's stats on release of the quest with Silverlight seeing a nerf (it'll still be more powerful than the original).

In addition to all that jazz, our newer member to the team Saxi is working on One Small Favour to clear out reqs for Swan Song. It'll be added some time from now maybe before a revision update, maybe after. It'll likely be after. Nature Amulet also saw a re-code and will be fixed and patched into the game next update.

And now for the progress pics on DT:     (Tell me about Ruantun.)      (I SURE DO LOVE CAMERA WORK)

Don't forget to make an account on the Mantis bug tracker! We primarily draw bugs from there these days. You can sign-up with a throwaway email for all we care (we don't really see any part of registration - it's for Mantis itself), all it does is allow you to view submitted bugs and report your own.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Odel Ramblings

Just kind of felt like it was a good time for a new post on my personal blog. First of all, shout-out to the bretty neat 4th of July event the team (Pickles and Bobster) threw together, events involving some kind of player interaction element is something we'll try to continue for sure.  Another shoutout to my good irl friend - Saxi.  He started working on stuff back in April and has really been active in the last 2 months, it's always great to have more help with things.

We've heard some input about wanting to track the number of clue scrolls completed on the highscores site.  Anything else you might like to see tracked?  Time played probably won't happen at this point, its just been too long and would be wrong (meaning 0) for so many accounts.

We've done a respectable amount in the first half of this year and we've got some big stuff on our to-do list.  The bug tracker continues to be awesome, and thank you to everyone contributing!

A few post bags from the (h)edge:

I wanted to make a java applet out of the original interactive map by Jagex and replace the lame one on the site, but it looks like applets are becoming depreciated.  Chrome is dropping them entirely and signing an applet is a painful process.  I'd like to make a map that works like the old 06' one, maybe html 5 can make that a reality some day?  Right now though my pet project is a stress tester that can log 2000 characters in and see what blows up on the server side of things (a test server, I won't burn the actual server to the ground).  I really enjoy pushing those kinds of boundaries and seeing what happens.

I've been testing the Windows 10 preview on one of my computers, turns out vscape didn't have working sound.  I wrote a patch for this, but it may not even be something present in the W10 final build, either way we're ready and everything else works fine.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Dear memes,

I meant to write one of this after last update but I guess I forgot. So, just a short update in terms of what's happening behind the scenes. Digsite is moved to bug testing, will be done in another day or so. Then I'll take the time to pay attention to important bugs and other things to round out an update. Then after that begins DESERT TREASURE, yes the quest I'm sure everyone wants. It's going to be a royal pain in the ass for me, clocking in at a little longer than Legends and perhaps a hair bit more involved. It'll take me atleast 3 weeks to get it done. However, while that is being completed we have several quests in the works. Fishing Contest, Troll Stronghold, Tourist Trap (duh if I'm working on DT), as well as Garden of Tranquility. Here's the rundown of who is working on what for all those shitposters who talk about which mod doesn't do x:

Fishing Contest - Bitterness
Tourist Trap - Dio
Troll Stronghold - Unnamed benefactor
Garden of Tranquility - Odel's friend who I believe still wishes to be unnamed (did Fenkenstrain)

Anyways, you'll see Digsite soon as well as bug fixes and etc.

The necessary RFD update is as follows: we finish this wave of quests including DT, then after that I just fucking crank out shadow (meme) of the storm. And provided the 3 other quests are done (they should be since DT) then shadow of the storm finishes the RFD reqs. It'll be upon us soon and then I can finally get off Mr. Bones quest ride for a little while after it is done.

In parting I'll post some progress pics I took during Digsite development.



Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vscape wants you!

After far too long, we've started a bugtracker!  This means if you don't know how to develop for us you still have a way to help us quite a bit.  Maybe you have lost an item to a bug, or can't find a certain NPC.  Perhaps you think the drop rate of an item needs looked into and researched.  The point is, you can now be an advocate for getting something that affects you directly fixed!

A few important things to know before you jump in:

-Please make anything that's an exploit a "Private" issue.  This means only you and the development team can see it.

-Check if a bug report already exists before creating one (The "View Issues" tab has a search option)

-I suggest going into "My Account" and turning off some email notifications.

Head over to and get started!

Friday, June 5, 2015


Hello beautiful memes,

As you may have noticed we've now done 2 updates with purely bug fixes, what you see on patchnotes is what you get, there isn't more to tell. Except I made the mistake and didn't put on the latest update (June 6th) that supercompost yield amounts are correctly fixed now. Within the next few days we'll see an update with 3 quests detailed below and more and more fixes and etc.

In terms of current dev work we have some exciting things going on (atleast for me and my nerd RFD shit)

-Troll Stronghold and Tourist Trap are in the works.
-Legends quest is around 80% done.

Left for RFD quest pre-reqs are:

-Fishing Contest
-Shadow of the Storm
-Desert Treasure
       -Digsite (Pre-req for Desert Treasure along with Tourist Trap)

After finishing up Legends as well as Creature of Fenkenstrain and Witch's house, I'll begin work on the DT track (starting with Digsite) along with Dio who is the one working on Tourist Trap. I HOPE to have this done by atleast the end of July if not faster, to then stay on track for RFD done before the end of summer. It's possible it won't happen as I'm just a guy, real life things pop up and I get busy and can't put neet-mode hours into coding for you all. But, I will do my best to stick to my word and get it rolling. Maybe we'll be the first server to have a 99% proper RFD with all the reqs (the final fight quest point requirement is pretty high at 175, we'll fall about 50 short of that at release, but will nerf it and move the req up as we go further), who knows.

I know a few of you are concerned about player counts as of late, but having been here for over a year and nearly since the very start of the server... don't worry about it! Player count fluctuates all over the place always and, while it may seem low to some of you compared to what it was a few months ago, believe me when I say that the player count is actually pretty decent. Last summer was when we weren't sure if the game was actually going to survive, player counts were struggling to get above 20-25 in peak times. As long as there are people wanting to play, the server will still exist.

Much love,

P.S. Here are some various Legends WIP snapshots:
(after much work)
(interested map difference, osrs on left)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hello /v/scapers

We are revving up a patch right now, and it's been a little bit since I've dev/blog posted.

Here is the extended / full list of patchnotes for the upcoming update:

@blu@Giant Mole / Mole lair encounter
-All light sources functioning.
-Super energy makes correct (3) doses now.
-Issues / bugs with some quests fixed.
-Various npcs have correct sounds now.
-Toggle for Ava's accum/attractor item gets.
-Cooking guild pie shop man.
-Ironmen can do Arrav / Heroes by using the item
on the player who needs it.
-Can no longer telegrab on a full inventory.
-Bucket helms hide hair properly again.
-Fight Pits guardian announces a countdown till match start
-::pitsactive will work as ::pcactive does
-Basic npc retreat system that comes with moles
-Food is now properly eaten on 3 tick interval, not 1
-All gnome/canifis/rellekka clothes have proper shop prices
-Obsidian shield has block anim now
-Staves and wand animations "fixed" (tm)
-Ironmen cannot buy non-stock items from general stores
-Pie Recipe Book sold by the pie man works (pie tasks to come)
-Snowballs are "killed" for now
-Pet follow fix, due to backend work on npc teleporting
~~~Quest fixes~~~
-Bridge for HFTD no longer can trap and kill you :^)
-Can also start HFTD again (Whoops)
-Silverlight sewers key re-gain bug fixed
-Multiple quests that would not start, or start over are fixed

Soon to be seen in terms of an update is most likely Creature of Fenkenstrain (it needs final polishing and bug checking) and will be followed closely by Witch's House and Legends Quest. Legends is a royal PITA but it needs to be done and over with, I'll have to put my magic touch on it. Dio is about halfway done with Witch's house as well so that puts us in the QP req range for Legends, they'll probably go in at the same time. Possibly all 3 quests will go in the same update? We'll see, I fear Legends will take longer than I'm hoping it will (I'm currently to the point in the quest where you ongo bongo make 'sun metal' bowl and free the shaman and look at a strange door / break rocks).

After that garbage I'll be on the much awaited Desert Treasure track. Troll Stronghold was also recently started on, so after those puppies it'll be RFD time, wew.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to ::bugreport,

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hello memes,

We're about to do a hotfix in-game which fixes a few things which didn't need immediate attention from the last update (we'd already done some 2-3 restarts after the patch anyways). In the patchnotes you'll see something like Mage Arena overhaul / re-code.... Basically I worked on an entirely new framework for miniquests that works very similar to our quest framework (Abyss miniquest soon). Mage Arena needed a touchup, and is now much more proper to our recent standards of quests and content.  Besides that the only other things we did were fix shit from the recent quests, like getting feathers from chompies, disallowing other players to attack or pluck your chompies, etc. Oh and Ironman accounts now always drain run energy, hehahaeha.

Soon to come:
-Creature of Fenkenstrain is nearing completion.
-Abyss overhaul / re-code / miniquest.

A little farther out from that will probably be another quest by yours truly, gotta keep chugging away towards RFD. One more quest will put us at the quest point req for Legends, and then I'll be doing that. After Legends it'll most likely be Tourist Trap or Digsite -> the one I didn't just do out of those 2 -> Desert Treasure and the ghostly robes miniquest afterwards.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Today's the day for a new patch, wewhoo.

Since the bug fixes and such amount to too many to put into the in-game patchnotes, I'm pasting the full list here.

-Fix for farmers watching fruit trees.
-Coconuts as payment in farming now use the uncracked version.
-Nightshade no longer permanently poisons when not using gloves to harvest.
-Heraldic bucket helms hide hair now.
-Typo involving the correct Demon Slayer chant is fixed.
-A player getting "locked out" of the server *should* be fixed.
-Tomato baskets working.
-Hops growing bug fixed.
-Can fill sacks with hay
-Falador / Draynor stile to farming patch working.
-Fixed some tool leprechaun deposits. (Toadflax mainly)
-Rune javelin alch amounts corrected.
-Polished buttons duplicated when rubbed too vigorously is fixed.
-Can boost agility to gain entrance to the wilderness course.
-Black Dragons now have access to the rare drop table.
-60 Zamorak wines drop instead of 20 from the KQ.
-Regular weapon poison can be emptied now.
-Rogues in the wilderness now drop bones.
-Red Spider's Eggs respawn timer increased to realscape value (42 seconds down from 60).
-Dying capes messages / functionality fixed. (Can now dye primary color capes into secondary)
-Cannon will no longer waste a shot too early on a respawning npc.
-Slayer tasks ending one kill past the assigned amount bug is fixed.
-Weapon interface no longer bugs out when swapping a greegree.
-Animated armor from Druidic Ritual awarding Warriors Guild tokens fixed. (Lel)
-Undead cows and rock lobster animations fixed.


Monday, May 4, 2015

An update on Big Chomper Grandpa Hunting:

Hopefully moving the quest to bug testing tomorrow and perhaps patching as well.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hello fans and friends

I am beginning dev work on Big Chompy Bird Good Will Hunting tonight. Yes, it'll come with the full mini-minigame with getting those meme hats with the feathers in them. It's a pain in the ass quest, but it needs to be done for both RFD and perhaps Zogre Flesh Eaters down the line. It'll populate the area south of Castle Wars a bit more, and add functionality to some of the shit down there. Hopefully I can crank it out in a few hours and be done with it, but I have a feeling it won't be that easy.

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Saturday, May 2, 2015


Just wanted to touch on a few quick things, as I haven't been posting much.  We have a decent amount of donations saved up, enough to be able to run the server for the next year (given our needs don't change and the company we're using lasts a year).  This is pretty neat and it's nice to not have to worry about such things, shout-out to everyone who donated!

You may have noticed our Github has been pretty quiet, but rest assured that development marches onward.  Farming has had a lot of work done to it, and more quests are being worked on.  We're running a private repository now, something we've wanted to do for a while now.  It's pretty easy for someone to exploit using the client code, or even worse, create a client with keylogging capability or other malware (something that has already happened).  We'll be able to know that a player is using a client we can trust now.  Likewise, being able to look at the server code makes it a lot easier to find a way to crash the server/find an exploit.  Sadly, the cost of this is not being able to make code public.

We're preparing to do a patch tomorrow, get hype.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

So the server rental just renewed, and I think we'll be sticking with this host for a while.  They seem stable enough to work pretty well for our needs.  We've been working (read Bobster) on lowering our ram use and fixing some memory issues.  Hopefully we can get some of our stability back, as there are a few things causing problems.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Well it looks like we've found a stable host for the server, which is a large relief for everyone.  It's really hard to pick a company and have any idea if it will be crap before just giving it a shot.  For this reason, the server we tried and the first month of the current one have come out of my pocket.  As it stands we are funded for 6 months after that!
Mostly I just wanted to make a post to link our new site that serves up a real highscores system (not the crappy ingame one I made).

There was also a patch last night

=January 28th=
-Nature Spirit quest added
-New server and higher stability (TYB ODEL)
-Hiscores reformat to show total exp.
-Enfeeble rune cost fixed.

Keep grindan


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hey everyone!

In light of getting DDOS'd by some butthurt banned anally anguished aspies, we've decided to move to a rented server (VPS).  The month is already paid for and it seems to be running very well.  We should be far more stable and ready for growth (as if that will happen).  While I can pay for this, some people have expressed an interest in contributing to the server rental, so there is a paypal link to do so.

I will be open about how much is donated and how many months are paid for.

Small contributions are fine, the server is honestly pretty cheap.
(you will remain anonymous and will not gain anything by donating (Ever.))

Also, we are pushing a patch right now!

=January 20th=
-Monkey Madness
-Yanille Dungeon fully functioning.
-Various drop / alch value fixes.
-Grimy herbs can be noted at leprechauns.
-Questionable farming patch "watch" system.
-Ectofuntus grinder fixed.
-Elf shortcuts work except spike traps.
-Major pathfinding fix for "stuck" spots.
-Lundail rune shop in Mage Bank.