Thursday, February 4, 2016

Degrade changes

Hello memes,

With Roving Elves comes some changes to the degrading system in place.

Crystal Equipment:
You'll notice first off that all of your crystal items are missing - they've been replaced with face value 1.5m. You'll need to do Roving Elves to get more crystal. I changed the crystal system to be (mostly) proper with RS2. The hits on crystal are still 10x RS2 and repairing from seed works the same. However, unlike RS2, I have given you the option (like before) to be able to repair from stages on the bow/shield back to the 'full' state instead of having to revert the item to a seed every time. Ilfeen can do this for you after your first crystal seed recharge. In addition to all of this, Crystal repairs now get cheaper for each crystal seed Ilfeen sings back to life. The shop prices, first repair price and subsequent repair prices are the same as RS2. The cost per hit as scales with how many times you've re-enchanted crystal seeds.

Barrows Equipment:
Not much has changed with barrows aside from the fact you are no longer 'bound' to certain degraded pieces. For example: you have a Torag's helm brand new and a Torag's helm 100. You equip the brand new helmet and use it for a bit, it degrades to 100. You go to repair the helmets and the first 100 will only cost the hits you accumulated on either helm. The second helm will cost the full 2500 hits cost to return to brand new. This idea works the same for crystal, except think 9/10 instead. This idea happens with every duplicate of each stage of degrading on the same item.