Friday, December 16, 2016

Details about global drop fixes

Drops work in the following way:

1. Kill a monster
2. Roll for a single item from each chance table (common, uncommon, rare... etc)
3. Roll for each of those items
4. Pray to Pickles
5. Win a roll, get the item being rolled for

Previously there was a bug where it was rolling in the wrong order: from most common to most rare. This bug has been fixed so rare items are now rolled for first, thus balancing the drop rate on many items (Whips and such).

Friday, November 18, 2016

Full bug fixes 11/18

-Fixed shades / zombie randoms appearing at DKs
-Tele-tab crafting working again
-Leather gloves drop added to Edgeville
-Poison in PC now properly gives damage points
-Fixed a bug with The Grand Tree glider captain
-Can use material on Aggie to receive dye
-Fixed barricades in PC not being repairable
-Fixed a bug with poisoning thrown items on full inv.
-Nazastarool is now affected by Crumble Undead
-Fixed a bug where some rotten logs couldn't be blessed
-Fixed the bug with wrong level-up dialogue messages
-Fixed auto-retaliate messing with certain actions
-Berserker and Power amulet prayer bonuses fixed
-Can now drop a majority of untradable items properly
-Pet rock can now be used to open Waterbirth dun. doors
-Fliers added to imp and barbarian drops
-Blue dragons are no longer poison immune
-Various drop tweaks
-Desert Bandits now aggro to Sara / Zammy gear
-Added text to cannonball crafting
-Can now use Klank's Gauntlets to get Quicklime
-Fixed a bug with using bucket of water on bread

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 1st, 2016 full patchnotes

Full list of fixes from this update:

-Farmers now accept noted payments
-Muddy chest now implemented
-Retribution / Redemption prayer bugs fixed
-Mole no longer retreats to the same burrow spot
-Seaweed nets now have a refresh timer
-Anti++ properly requires coconut milk
-Nightshade can be picked with gauntlets
-Ship to Waterbirth second-click option fixed
-Ladder at the end of Waterbirth dungeon working
-Bones to Peaches tablet fixed
-'Inspecting' crops now shows treatment status
-'Taking' from tomato compost bin fixed
-Fillables now properly usable on each other
-Ogre arrow flighting bug fixed
-Brimhaven moss giant ropeswing fixed
-Nature Amulet now has a 'check' right click option
-Can properly enchant less than 10 bolts
-Music and sound fx fixes / changes
-Run energy properly restores if leader is walking
-Random events no longer disable / drain prayer
-Rune / Adamant (g)/(t) skirts added to TT
-Dark cavalier added to TT
-Spam clicking continue no longer closes dialogue
-Loop button on the music interface now working
-Added pie tasks to the Cooking guild

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dialogue Transcriptions

This post is something I've been meaning to make for a while, regarding translating wiki transcripts of quests into usable format for our code. To start making a transcript there first needs to be one on the RS3 wiki, such as:

After this we need to breakdown what method calls each panel of dialogue exist as. For the 4 formats below, see the picture and how it gets transcribed into a usable method call in code.

1.) NPC chat:

d.sendNpcChat("I have been waiting here three thousand years,", "guarding the Tears of Guthix. I serve my master", "faithfully, but I am bored.");

2.) Player chat:

d.sendPlayerChat("...I still can't believe how long that 'one small favor'", "took me! I ended up walking all over the world doing", "small favors for all and sundry!");

3.) Statement: (Here you can see standard chat colors being used as well)

 d.sendStatement("You cannot enter the cave again until you have gained either @dre@one", "@dre@quest point@bla@ or @dre@100,000 total XP@bla@.");

4.) Options:

 d.sendOption("Okay...", "You tell me a story.", "Not now.", "What are the Tears of Guthix?");

Note: If the red 'Select an Option' says something different you would use this method call:
d.sendTitledOption("Different Title Here", "option1", "option2"); 

And there you have the 4 basic panels of dialogue broken down into method calls. The core thing to note over all the dialogue is how the lines are broken down. When you get a long string of text from a transcript on a wiki, you need to first cut out the part that is for that panel and wrap it in quotations. Then you add ", " to break the line up into a 'list' so to speak of more quoted strings. Each quoted string represents a line of a dialogue. It is also very important that you use the format for the method calls written here.

So basically what people have done in the past is paste in the whole transcript to their favorite text editor, pull up a 2007/2006/OSRS quest guide video and begin translating the lines into method calls. After this is done you can just put your text file into pastebin and send one of us the link. At the end of this post is a link to a site showing quests left to do. In each of the tasks are either a link to the transcript or a pastebin of the completed dialogue. You can use the completed pastebins for reference if you get stuck or are unsure of how it should be formatted.

T. Regards,

For those of you code savvy - the "d." part references a DialogueManager class owned by the player and instantiated as a variable "d" for ease of use instead of typing "player.getDialogue()." every method call.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Piety and Chivalry Explanation

This update we have decided to add both Piety and Chivalry prayers to the game without the quest requirement. In the past, we have said this is something we would like to avoid, but there are a few reasons why we decided this was the best course.

King's Ransom would require overhauls of both the Camelot/Seers area and Falador as the quest replaced the drop party room with the courthouse that was used in the quest. In addition to being ugly and out of place with the current art styles, it moved the party room to Falador. It would also require an update of Camelot castle which, again, was ugly and out of place.

We are now more than capable of updating areas of the map and could do this (fairly) easily, but we feel it really hurts the old school feeling of the game to have the new style of graphics and we will try to avoid adding this kind of content in the future as well. This does not mean we're going to be adding content without the requirement frequently. This situation is an exception to the rule and you should not expect to see it again for a long time, if ever.

While we were adding these two prayers, we went ahead and revamped the way prayer drains. It should be far more accurate and flicking should, in theory, work correctly as well. This may be a work in progress that will need a little tinkering over the next couple weeks.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

NPC Combat Definition Changes

With this patch, NPC combat is changing drastically for certain NPCs and will continue to change for the rest over time.

Recently we discovered that all NPCs in the real game had actual levels set for combat. This means each NPC had an attack, strength, defense, etc. level as well as having “bonuses” which translate to equipment bonuses in players. There are ways to obtain the levels and we have been making use of them to include the levels in our own NPC definitions. This means NPC combat will function the same way player vs player combat does as far as accuracy and hits go. Hopefully this will lead to more authentic combat experience on /v/scape.


Friday, May 20, 2016

NPC Death Animation Timers

 With this patch, NPC death animation timers have been implemented. 

 What did he mean by this? The time the NPCs take to go through their death animation is now variable and can set on an NPC by NPC basis. If you see an animation that doesn't look quite right, submit a bug report on the mantis (preferably keeping all the ones about the timers in one report) or post a list in the thread and hopefully I will see it. 

If you had killed ogres or guards in Varrock, you may have noticed this animation issue. The ogres stood back up for a split second after their death animation and the guards stayed bowed down for ages and looked stupid. This is something I would like to get fixed in the near future because it's an easy fix and makes the server look more """""""""""""professional."""""""""""""


Friday, April 22, 2016

squash that MF bug button fam REAL DEV HOURS 100 100

Hello memes,

Here a list of bug fixes that didn't make pnotes from the April 22nd update:
-Fixed 3rd age/god d'hide alch prices and item weights
-No more fires in Lumby basement
-Taking damage while Ectophial teleporting fixed
-Can regain Elemental Workshop key properly
-Iron drag addy bar drop unnoted
-Plant cure can now by emptied
-Fixed spawning behind Duel Arena lobby
-Changed thurgo's dialogue to 'proper' skillcape and option switching
between the quests
-Fixed the grammar with (unf) bolts to just say "iron bolts." instead of
"iron bolts (unf)s."
-Small bug with Shadow of the Meme incantation fixed
-Abyss dialogue error fixed
-Lost city shack now can be entered without staff and tools gotten
-Text fix for a clue about cactus near rug merchant
-Archer helm store price fixed
-Otto Godblessed' name fixed
-Rasolo's wandering shop fixed
-Dire wolf anims / boneitis fixed
-Lumbridge guide no longer says Draynor is closest bank
-Clocktower door that can put you out of bounds fixed
-Ectophial not resetting camera shake (barrows) fixed
-Can use chaos gauntlets in Dwarf RFD subquest
-Fixed a bug with slice/dice button ids
-Hard leather body only requires 1 leather to make (fixed)
-Grammar for 'Elves' slayer task fixed
-Hajedy clue now medium level as is proper
-Sinister chest now drops item on full inv
-Falador castle ladders working
-Can now empty bonemeal pots
-Abyssal guardians range / melee weakness
-Added drops to Yanille guards (Soldiers id#35)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Regarding Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup

While Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup is in the development process, I need to address a few related things.

Any and all related effects to the minigame WILL be removed upon implementation of the minigame. This means trading sticks, teak/mahogany logs and anything else usually gained through means of the minigame. You will keep any exp related to chopping the hardwood trees but not the resulting logs.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Degrade changes

Hello memes,

With Roving Elves comes some changes to the degrading system in place.

Crystal Equipment:
You'll notice first off that all of your crystal items are missing - they've been replaced with face value 1.5m. You'll need to do Roving Elves to get more crystal. I changed the crystal system to be (mostly) proper with RS2. The hits on crystal are still 10x RS2 and repairing from seed works the same. However, unlike RS2, I have given you the option (like before) to be able to repair from stages on the bow/shield back to the 'full' state instead of having to revert the item to a seed every time. Ilfeen can do this for you after your first crystal seed recharge. In addition to all of this, Crystal repairs now get cheaper for each crystal seed Ilfeen sings back to life. The shop prices, first repair price and subsequent repair prices are the same as RS2. The cost per hit as scales with how many times you've re-enchanted crystal seeds.

Barrows Equipment:
Not much has changed with barrows aside from the fact you are no longer 'bound' to certain degraded pieces. For example: you have a Torag's helm brand new and a Torag's helm 100. You equip the brand new helmet and use it for a bit, it degrades to 100. You go to repair the helmets and the first 100 will only cost the hits you accumulated on either helm. The second helm will cost the full 2500 hits cost to return to brand new. This idea works the same for crystal, except think 9/10 instead. This idea happens with every duplicate of each stage of degrading on the same item.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Slayer Changes


Re-rolls have not been removed, but the way assignments are given has changed. In original RS2 tasks had specific minimum and maximum amounts for assignments. In addition to this the tasks had 'weights' which equates to the chance you have for a task to be assigned. The theory is basically that a monster has a weight from around 5 through 12 which you can consider as how many times you write that monster's name on a slip of paper and put it into a hat with all the other weighted task papers. You then draw a random paper and that's your assignment. It's simple probability and basically just means that a task with higher weight has a higher chance to be picked.

tl;dr Task amounts have been fixed and therefore are a lot lower than they were before, but the odds of getting a desirable task (AKA memevelds) is much different and better than before.

Does task weight affect how likely I am to get a task of 200 bloodvelds?
-No. Task weight only affects how likely you are to GET a specific task, once you get that task the amount you get is flat random between min and max task amount for that task. 

You can read more at these wiki pages:
Click on the individual master and you'll see an entire list of tasks (which have also been corrected) as well as the weights on the right hand side of the table.

P.S Maybe sometime down the road I'll run an algorithm to print specific chances per monster on the different masters.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Barrows these nuts


This recent update brings an overhaul to the Barrows minigame. The entire thing has been overhauled to be correct to RS2 / OSRS - the game during that era. For general answers about rewards see:

And for a period accurate guide see:

So getting 14kc doesnt help the chance to get a piece now? I should just get 6 kc if I want a chance of getting every bro's piece?
No. The formula is entirely dependent on how many brothers are dead. Each brother you kill rolls for barrows pieces once, so 6 rolls times the chance per brother is the maximum chance for -a- piece of barrows.

Aren't there supposed to be ladders in the NW and SE rooms?
No. The ladder spawns in the room you go through the empty crypt into. You either teleport away after opening the chest or re-trace your steps back to the original room you spawned in and climb out of the tunnels. 

Will brothers still randomly spawn when trying to open the chest?
Yes and no. It's not entirely random if you haven't killed all the brothers before searching the chest. If you run to the chest with 1 brother still alive, that will be the one who appears at the chest. Likewise, if you search the chest with more than 1 brother alive, a random one will spawn. This mechanic did not change from the old Barrows.

Any benefit to raising kc, like unlocking bloods?
Yes, raising killcount to 8 unlocks bloods and bolt racks per realscape. Raising kc to 14 unlocks dmeds and crystal key halves. Higher killcount ensures better rune / rack / random rewards.