Friday, November 18, 2016

Full bug fixes 11/18

-Fixed shades / zombie randoms appearing at DKs
-Tele-tab crafting working again
-Leather gloves drop added to Edgeville
-Poison in PC now properly gives damage points
-Fixed a bug with The Grand Tree glider captain
-Can use material on Aggie to receive dye
-Fixed barricades in PC not being repairable
-Fixed a bug with poisoning thrown items on full inv.
-Nazastarool is now affected by Crumble Undead
-Fixed a bug where some rotten logs couldn't be blessed
-Fixed the bug with wrong level-up dialogue messages
-Fixed auto-retaliate messing with certain actions
-Berserker and Power amulet prayer bonuses fixed
-Can now drop a majority of untradable items properly
-Pet rock can now be used to open Waterbirth dun. doors
-Fliers added to imp and barbarian drops
-Blue dragons are no longer poison immune
-Various drop tweaks
-Desert Bandits now aggro to Sara / Zammy gear
-Added text to cannonball crafting
-Can now use Klank's Gauntlets to get Quicklime
-Fixed a bug with using bucket of water on bread

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