Friday, November 20, 2015

Recipe for Disaster

Well, the quest is finally here. I can finally get off the Culinaromancer's wild ride. I'll be taking a large step back from vscape for the rest of my school semester for finals and such, you'll see me be more involved around the holiday time in December. Remember to PLEASE, PLEASE report any bugs you find with the quest and its related subquests to Mantis first, and if you are too stubborn to sign up... then ::bugreport is fine.

Regarding the patch:
-Barrows Gloves: I don't know how many times I've said this, but I guess if something isn't in writing nobody has a clue as to the official word. No, they weren't un-equipped or forced you into RFD. The quest needs to be bug-free and working before I enforce a hard requirement down the road. For now protection on death has been removed and of course, Barrows no longer drops the gloves.
-Dragon Axe: As I was fixing the special system to allow for faster weapon changes / special attack enables I noticed the daxe special was using the 2014 OSRS effects. This has been corrected to it's proper combat attack special from the period with no woodcutting boost.
-Quest Cape: As promised, the Quest Point Cape can now be gotten from the Wise Old Man. Each new quest put in the game directly affects the cape and you will need to do the new quests in order to continue wearing the cape.

A full list of tiny fixes:
-The feathers you receive from offering bird eggs to the Evil Chicken shrine has been nerfed to the same amount you receive upon killing him.
-Rogues now have gold bars instead of eggs to pickpocket.
-Can use a noted bone for DT mirror materials.
-Steel gauntlets work to pick nettles.
-Bug with crates appearing on pineapple plants fixed
-Typos in some quests fixed.
-Nettle tea no longer turns into burnt potatoes when burning it.
-Skill guides had some missing items added and text for 5 knives per metal bar (Thanks Starlight...)
-Ground items that you own disappearing on re-log was fixed.

Where are we going from here?
Well, like I said, I'll be taking a bit of a break to focus on other things. We'll have some more dev work returning in December as school ends. Personally, I think I'll work on all the missing random events before returning to more quests. Some of the quest lines that are on the forefront beyond this are Wanted!, In Aid of the Myreque / Shade / Splitbark stuff, Roving Elves, Swan Song, Fremennik Trials (No Frem Isles yet, sorry), Tai Bwo Wannai Trio (and the minigame). We'll certainly be working much slower on these though.

Enjoy RFD and thanks for your continued support,