Monday, April 2, 2018

Vidyascape Q1 Update

Dear Shareholders,

I am writing this today to perhaps settle some of your minds regarding the future of the next couple of quarters of the Vidyascape fiscal year. We have had a slow first quarter which has closed at us as down 4.2 points in our index. Our two major prospects for Q1 have been delayed into Q2 including the "Anniversary" deal and the Easter merger. We are still working on finishing both of these and while late, it is better nonetheless to close while we still can.

To preface our delays I must divulge vital information to you to keep interest in our company alive. Starting late last quarter I, Pickles t. Frogman, took on responsibilities in a separate company which occupies 40 hours of my time each week. While detrimental to the steady progress of Vidyascape Inc., it was a decision that had to be made with regards to my own personal interests. We are currently still adapting to this loss of productivity.

Now, to explain the tardiness of our first quarter prospects I can offer some exciting news. While the Construction wing of our offices still needs a few polishing touches in some corners it seems to be working as an excellent addition to our company! We have remained silent about another similar expansion in order to expediently complete the work and close the deal properly. Our original intent was to create these offices with funds raised by Anniversary Holdings Et. Al but we have suffered financial setbacks to the completion date. Nonetheless, we are pleased to announce that our Hunter wing of offices will be completed by end of April!

The Hunter expansion to our company is largely the explanation to our recent decline in visible progression with our company. We have been working since Q4 of 2017 on this project and are excited to present the finished results to you all by end of month. However, our immediate concern is also finishing the merger with Easter Question Mark LLC. Dubbed the "Easter" merger internally and promised externally to be closed by April 1st we have obviously failed to meet this deadline. There are many reasons why this occurred but I will not waste your time with details; know it will be done at the latest by business close Friday, April 6th.

We at Vidyascape Inc. look forward to a productive second quarter and will keep you the shareholders up to date with the new projects and additions discussed above. With your continued support we can make 2018 great again.


Pickles t. Frogman
Vidyascape, Inc.