Friday, May 20, 2016

NPC Death Animation Timers

 With this patch, NPC death animation timers have been implemented. 

 What did he mean by this? The time the NPCs take to go through their death animation is now variable and can set on an NPC by NPC basis. If you see an animation that doesn't look quite right, submit a bug report on the mantis (preferably keeping all the ones about the timers in one report) or post a list in the thread and hopefully I will see it. 

If you had killed ogres or guards in Varrock, you may have noticed this animation issue. The ogres stood back up for a split second after their death animation and the guards stayed bowed down for ages and looked stupid. This is something I would like to get fixed in the near future because it's an easy fix and makes the server look more """""""""""""professional."""""""""""""