Friday, April 22, 2016

squash that MF bug button fam REAL DEV HOURS 100 100

Hello memes,

Here a list of bug fixes that didn't make pnotes from the April 22nd update:
-Fixed 3rd age/god d'hide alch prices and item weights
-No more fires in Lumby basement
-Taking damage while Ectophial teleporting fixed
-Can regain Elemental Workshop key properly
-Iron drag addy bar drop unnoted
-Plant cure can now by emptied
-Fixed spawning behind Duel Arena lobby
-Changed thurgo's dialogue to 'proper' skillcape and option switching
between the quests
-Fixed the grammar with (unf) bolts to just say "iron bolts." instead of
"iron bolts (unf)s."
-Small bug with Shadow of the Meme incantation fixed
-Abyss dialogue error fixed
-Lost city shack now can be entered without staff and tools gotten
-Text fix for a clue about cactus near rug merchant
-Archer helm store price fixed
-Otto Godblessed' name fixed
-Rasolo's wandering shop fixed
-Dire wolf anims / boneitis fixed
-Lumbridge guide no longer says Draynor is closest bank
-Clocktower door that can put you out of bounds fixed
-Ectophial not resetting camera shake (barrows) fixed
-Can use chaos gauntlets in Dwarf RFD subquest
-Fixed a bug with slice/dice button ids
-Hard leather body only requires 1 leather to make (fixed)
-Grammar for 'Elves' slayer task fixed
-Hajedy clue now medium level as is proper
-Sinister chest now drops item on full inv
-Falador castle ladders working
-Can now empty bonemeal pots
-Abyssal guardians range / melee weakness
-Added drops to Yanille guards (Soldiers id#35)

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