Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Piety and Chivalry Explanation

This update we have decided to add both Piety and Chivalry prayers to the game without the quest requirement. In the past, we have said this is something we would like to avoid, but there are a few reasons why we decided this was the best course.

King's Ransom would require overhauls of both the Camelot/Seers area and Falador as the quest replaced the drop party room with the courthouse that was used in the quest. In addition to being ugly and out of place with the current art styles, it moved the party room to Falador. It would also require an update of Camelot castle which, again, was ugly and out of place.

We are now more than capable of updating areas of the map and could do this (fairly) easily, but we feel it really hurts the old school feeling of the game to have the new style of graphics and we will try to avoid adding this kind of content in the future as well. This does not mean we're going to be adding content without the requirement frequently. This situation is an exception to the rule and you should not expect to see it again for a long time, if ever.

While we were adding these two prayers, we went ahead and revamped the way prayer drains. It should be far more accurate and flicking should, in theory, work correctly as well. This may be a work in progress that will need a little tinkering over the next couple weeks.


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