Saturday, August 8, 2015

Just weak my shit up

----The Npc Weakness System----

I guess this is long awaited or what have you, although I don't think it really changes the course of things too terribly much. But muh accuracy, so, here we are! The system works pretty much like original Runescape's did, each npc can have 3 weaknesses from each side of the combat triangle. Magic and Melee can be broken down into their sub styles / elements while ranged weakness is just a boolean value (true or false).

So you have:
-MELEE (Rare, used mainly on unique npcs such as Dagannoth Supreme and varies %-wise)
-MAGIC (More common, a global 20% increase in accuracy for this weakness)
-RANGED (More common than melee, but not as much as magic, 15% boost)
-STAB (15%)
-CRUSH (15%)
-SLASH (15%)
-FIRE/WATER/EARTH/AIR (25% accuracy boost for specifics like this)
[Ancient spells do NOT count as elemental spells, per original runescape]

This is pretty much how the original system worked, although finding accurate accuracy percentages (so meta) is nigh impossible unless someone wants to watch some OSRS Q&A videos for hours on end. What can be found is which npc's have which weakness, which is the next section of this post...

I spent a few hours last night scripting some shit to parse through a downloaded copy of the OSRS wiki and pull weaknesses from every NPC I could. Now, the formatting in the source of the wiki is garbage and all over the place from various edits and stuff, so it's very possible the script missed a few NPCs (I noticed fire giants, but those were my test subjects and had weaknesses at that point anyways). So, that's why the update will come with the ::checkweakness / ::checkweak / ::weakness / ::npcweakness command. You use it like ::weakness blue dragon, and get results as such:

While the parsing of the wiki found a huge amount of weaknesses and set them to an equally massive amount of NPCs, like I said, you never know. Have fun with the command, check what you're fighting and use it to your advantage, but also report any npcs that have either an incorrect weakness or no weaknesses at all (If and ONLY IF they should have one). You'll need to cite the OSRS wiki or an archived wiki page from 2006-7 like RuneHQ,, whatever. DO NOT USE ANY MODERN RUNESCAPE WIKI! Weaknesses changed tremendously on the EOC update on realscape and are entirely inaccurate to this time period.

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