Thursday, August 6, 2015

FoxterGate. 5-11 Never4get etc.

The server is back up. Here's what went down.

Last night I was informed that someone's old account was missing all valuables. I took a look and found all the items were traded to Shiggydiggy on 5-11. Mr Foxter was logged into the account that was looted. Before this, Telescope tried to log in and saw he was banned.

This is around the time Mr Foxter was losing his staff privileges, and Telescope and Mr Foxter were always close. Telescope, presumably in reaction to Mr Foxter being demoted, chose to look through old files he had from running the server way back when. Some of these passwords were still current. They checked out and looted 5 accounts and over 100,000,000 gold worth of wealth.

All persons involved were banned (including accounts items were traded to and stored on) and the affected accounts will be getting their items back.

This was about 4 hours of detective work into the morning.

325 accounts are still using at risk passwords that Telescope still has.  These accounts have been locked and their owners will have to contact staff to unlock them.

If you're getting a banned message please contact staff in game on another account.

!Change your password and pin regularly, PLEASE!

Oh, also we scored a slightly better server package with the same provider.  It's double the ram and a little bit cheaper.  Win-win!

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