Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vscape wants you!

After far too long, we've started a bugtracker!  This means if you don't know how to develop for us you still have a way to help us quite a bit.  Maybe you have lost an item to a bug, or can't find a certain NPC.  Perhaps you think the drop rate of an item needs looked into and researched.  The point is, you can now be an advocate for getting something that affects you directly fixed!

A few important things to know before you jump in:

-Please make anything that's an exploit a "Private" issue.  This means only you and the development team can see it.

-Check if a bug report already exists before creating one (The "View Issues" tab has a search option)

-I suggest going into "My Account" and turning off some email notifications.

Head over to and get started!

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