Sunday, June 21, 2015


Dear memes,

I meant to write one of this after last update but I guess I forgot. So, just a short update in terms of what's happening behind the scenes. Digsite is moved to bug testing, will be done in another day or so. Then I'll take the time to pay attention to important bugs and other things to round out an update. Then after that begins DESERT TREASURE, yes the quest I'm sure everyone wants. It's going to be a royal pain in the ass for me, clocking in at a little longer than Legends and perhaps a hair bit more involved. It'll take me atleast 3 weeks to get it done. However, while that is being completed we have several quests in the works. Fishing Contest, Troll Stronghold, Tourist Trap (duh if I'm working on DT), as well as Garden of Tranquility. Here's the rundown of who is working on what for all those shitposters who talk about which mod doesn't do x:

Fishing Contest - Bitterness
Tourist Trap - Dio
Troll Stronghold - Unnamed benefactor
Garden of Tranquility - Odel's friend who I believe still wishes to be unnamed (did Fenkenstrain)

Anyways, you'll see Digsite soon as well as bug fixes and etc.

The necessary RFD update is as follows: we finish this wave of quests including DT, then after that I just fucking crank out shadow (meme) of the storm. And provided the 3 other quests are done (they should be since DT) then shadow of the storm finishes the RFD reqs. It'll be upon us soon and then I can finally get off Mr. Bones quest ride for a little while after it is done.

In parting I'll post some progress pics I took during Digsite development.



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