Monday, December 7, 2015

Moving forward

Hello memes,

Moving past RFD may come as a shock to some of you, but, the quest seems to be free of any major flaws so we are moving ahead. I will be working on finishing off all the missing random events in the game, some of which were patched in today. Here's a list of all the randoms left that /v/scape is compatible with:

-Mysterious Old Man
-The Maze
-Strange Boxes (Myst. Old Man)
 Cap'n Hand
-The 'Certers': Miles, Giles and Niles
- Evil Bob
-Frogs :^)
-Highwayman / Rick Turpentine
-Prison Pete
-Quiz Master

Many have asked about the harmful skill randoms such as smoking rocks, Ents that break axes, whirlpools, giant fish, etc. I haven't made up my mind as to when I'll get around to these. I'm working on the NPC encounters / major randoms first. They'll likely come later down the road after all of these are implemented (your axes are safe... for now).

Lastly, in regards to today's update and the moderate downtime: we gutted and cleaned out a major portion of our source code. This means removal of non-functioning / useless pieces and snippets of code and files that were relics of how the original base source used to work. Because of this, the directories for many files, including player files, changed. We had to backup all these files and then manually cut and transfer them into the new format. The end result means literally nothing to you as a player, but for us devs means a cleaner work environment and a tighter, compact source. This is always a plus to us and allows for ease of use and is good practice. We apologize for the hour or so we were down for, but this has been put off for far too long. Our up-time is nearly perfect, so don't go bitching about a single hour :~)

In closing, some pics from recent dev work:

thank you mr skeltal
(Why the strange plant doesn't transform)
Gotta go fast
Mfw working with interfaces
And then there's always the hotfixes :^)


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