Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Behind the Scenes

Hello again

We recently updated and added 3 more quests to the game:
-Fishing Contest
-Tribal Totem
-Garden of Tranquility
These were interesting and fun quests, although I had no direct part in coding any of them. They were all worked on by various dev members and contributors alike! A good step forward in growing our dev team beyond what it already is. I over-saw polishing and final touches / bug testing on them per usual, taking a break from my Desert Treasure work. I ended up breaking Garden before it went live and we then had to hotfix, and I apologize for that. All in all a fairly smooth update.

Desert Treasure is going swimmingly, with the Smoke and Shadow diamond branches of the quest complete and Blood being ~50%. We are narrowing in on RFD and now can officially say it will be soon (tm). Left to come are the following:
-Shadow of the Storm
-Desert Treasure
-Tourist Trap
-Troll Stronghold

The latter 3 of which will likely come all at one time (Troll Stronghold and Tourist Trap are pre-reqs to DT). I'm considering dropping Tourist Trap from the DT reqs for the time being, and will possibly do so if time becomes an issue. Shadow of the Storm has just had work started on it by Bitter and I can shed a bit of light on it, but not much since it's so early on: Darklight will take Silverlight's stats on release of the quest with Silverlight seeing a nerf (it'll still be more powerful than the original).

In addition to all that jazz, our newer member to the team Saxi is working on One Small Favour to clear out reqs for Swan Song. It'll be added some time from now maybe before a revision update, maybe after. It'll likely be after. Nature Amulet also saw a re-code and will be fixed and patched into the game next update.

And now for the progress pics on DT:     (Tell me about Ruantun.)      (I SURE DO LOVE CAMERA WORK)

Don't forget to make an account on the Mantis bug tracker! We primarily draw bugs from there these days. You can sign-up with a throwaway email for all we care (we don't really see any part of registration - it's for Mantis itself), all it does is allow you to view submitted bugs and report your own.

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